Tel: Fax: Luftdichtheitsprüfung mit Hilfe des Blower-Door-Verfahren. In Deutschland wird das Verfahren seit angewendet.


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So, your local professional has come in and performed the blower door test on your home. He or she has calculated all the information and turned it into numbers that reference your home's air leakage.

But wait, slow down, what do these numbers mean? It isn't too difficult to understand. Let's start from the beginning. A blower door is simply a diagnostic tool used to measure how much air filters out of your house your home's "airtightness". The blower door allows testers to apply a consistent and measurable pressure to the house so that houses can be compared accurately. You undoubtedly have called this professional because you have perceived issues in your home. This apparatus will allow your energy auditor to quantify some of those issues.

The auditor will set up his blower door in an outer door facing outward, to depressurize your home in most cases. He will systematically move about your home setting up the house for the test. The test requires a few parameters be set to yield accurate results.

Once he is done with his walk through, your auditor will begin the test. Depending on the size of your home, the test takes roughly hours.

Your test is done and now the auditor wishes to inform you of his findings. The first couple numbers you will hear are:. For reference, one square inch of air leakage is equal to about 10 CFM. So, if your home had, let's say, CFM at 50, you would have roughly square inches of leakage. Remember, there are square inches in 1 square foot. That's not that bad, considering most homes I've checked. The bottom line here is: Do not get lost in the numbers. Think of them as a reference point to use as you begin to seal and tighten your house.

Choose a professional who specializes in blower door testing and check their credentials. Use the results of the blower door test to get an understanding of where your home is leaking and why. For example, leaking from around your front door might not be as bad as leaks from under your home in the crawl space.

It all depends on where and how much air is entering or leaving your home. Armed with your blower door report, and with your auditor's recommendations, take the next step and fix the problem areas in your home. Once you do the energy upgrades, ask your auditor to re-test your home to check that your blower door numbers have improved.

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Voraussetzungen für die Blower-Door-Messung:


Seit der Wärmeschutzverordnung sind wir in Deutschland verpflichtet dicht zu bauen. Dabei wird das Haus in einem speziellen Verfahren mit Unter- oder Überdruck getestet und die Wärmeverluste angezeigt.Mit dem Differenzdruck-Messverfahren (auch: Blower-Door-Test) wird die Luftdichtheit eines Gebäudes gemessen. Das Verfahren dient dazu, Lecks in der  ‎Gesetzliche Vorgabe · ‎Messprinzip · ‎Messphasen · ‎Grundsätzliche Erwägungen. Ob ein Gebäude luft- und winddicht ist, können wir einfach und schnell mit Hilfe des anerkannten Blower-Door-Verfahren kontrollieren. Sie erhalten von uns ein.